Tomy is a leading manufacturer of orthodontic products since its establishment in 1966 and has fully supported orthodontists worldwide as an all round orthodontic appliance manufacturer.

The Tomy International Inc brand mainly distributes in Japan and Asian oceanic countries and regions.

The company truly lives by its motto of "Always strive for the best quality".


  • Low profile design & rhomboidal design for improved aesthetics.
  • Excellent tie wing area for easy ligation.
  • Single piece bracket with torque in base.
  • Precise slot available in 018 and 022 slot with both Roth and MBT prescription.
  • 7th generation polycrystalline ceramic bracket for optimum strength and aesthetics.
  • Rivet lock base for good bond strength.
  • Ceramic injection molded (CIM) with increased fracture resistance.
  • Single piece debonding.
  • Available in 018 and 022 slot with Roth and MBT prescription.
  • Metal injection molded with a compound contour base for a perfect tooth fit.
  • Interactive cobalt chromium clip which interacts with the wire either actively or passively depending upon the size of the wire and the stage of the treatment.
  • Gingival or frontal opening using a variety of hand instruments and closed using gentle finger pressure.
  • Permanent ID marking for easy identification.
  • Available in 022 MBT prescription.
  • Polycrystalline ceramic for strength and aesthetics along with an interactive rhodium coated cobalt chromium clip for enhanced aesthetics and durability.
  • They have an extremely low profile and hence are very comfortable for the patientCeramic injection molded (CIM) for bracket strength and detail and mechanical lock rivet base for good bond strength.
  • Gingival and frontal opening
  • Available in 018 and 022 slot in MBT, Roth and OPA-K prescription.
  • These are micro mini brackets with a rhodium coating
  • The rhodium coating looks aesthetically pleasing and the small size of the bracket provides increased comfort for the patient.
  • These are lingual self ligating brackets
  • They have an extremely low profile and hence are very comfortable for the patient
  • The self ligating feature greatly helps in saving precious time and effort while doing a lingual case.
  • Can be used in extraction cases.

MICROLINE TUBES- One piece true straight line tubes.

INTEGRA TUBES- Convertible true straight wire tubes.

TERMINAL TUBES- Small sized tubes for partially erupted 2nd molar.

LEGEND LP TUBES- Highly advanced low profile tube with increased patient comfort.

  • These are superelastic niti wires which are extremely soft and flexible and hence can be ligated into severely malposed teeth.
  • They can be used in cases of compromised periodontium as they exert constant and gentle forces.
  • These wires are thermodynamic and become active at the oral cavity temperature.
  • The surface finishing of these wires is extremely smooth resulting in low friction and smooth tooth movement.
  • Available in 014, 016 and 018 in round wires and 16x22, 17x25 and 19x25 in rectangular wires.
  • It is a biological arch wire in which the orthodontic forces gradually increase towards the posteriors ie it exerts a weaker force (100-150gms) in the anterior region and a higher force (250-350gms) in the posterior stronger molar region.
  • Hence, situations like anterior crowding, space closure of cuspids and bicuspids and anchorage effect of molars can be treated by a single wire.
  • Available in 19x25
  • These are low hysteresis wires which keep the orthodontic forces to a constant level during active treatment.
  • They are not affected by intra oral temperature changes and hence maintain stable orthodontic forces.
  • Allows for easy ligation as the reaction force is delayed at the time of arch wire insertion. Hence these wires can be used as the starting wire for most cases and can be ligated into malposed teeth.
  • Available in 16x22, 18x25 and 20x25 sizes.
  • It is a rhodium coated arch wire which gives a clean look while maintaining the characteristics of the conventional wire.
  • Since the rhodium coating is extremely durable, there is no worry of the wire coating being chipped or peeled during brushing or being discoloured while eating.
  • Its sliding performance and super elasticity are equivalent to those of the conventional niti wires.

E CHAINS & ELASTICS- These are available in various grades ranging from light to heavy.

LIGATURES- Metal and coated ligature.

COIL SPRINGS- Open & Closed coil springs of various strengths.

SEAGULL BUTTON- To be used in highly rotated or malposed teeth where a bracket is difficult to bond. Available in open & close type.

CRIMPABLE HOOKS- Can be crimped on thin wires as well.