Who We Are

Orthosystems, with Y-O-Y growth of over 40% since the last 8 years post its inception in 2011, is the leader in sales of premium pliers and self ligating brackets and has a reputation for excellent customer service and knowledge based business. We are proud to say that we are the fastest growing orthodontic company in India.

Our Vision

Along with product sales, Orthosystems also focuses on imparting quality knowledge and has been conducting educational courses and supporting the Indian Orthodontic Society for conducting CDE programs. We are looking at moving into Digital Orthodontics space and becoming the first orthodontic provider of these services to help our premium customers get aligned with latest orthodontic developments globally.

Business Partners


  • It’s a very good bracket.

    Dr. Anand Tripathi

    For Microline
  • Using it.It’s an excellent bracket

    Dr. Neal Kedia

    For Microline
  • Amazing brackets !!

    Dr. Rohan Hattarki

    For Crystalline 7
  • Really very simple to use, both for the Orthodontist as well as patient. Also the results are consistent, I can vouch for it with last three years of experience.

    Dr. Sachin Mudrale

    For MSE
  • Customer service is Awesome! Great communication for customer service and updates. Keep it up.

    Dr. Viren Puri

    For Customer Service